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Movie Night Gift Bowl Bundle
Movie Night Popcorn and Gummy Candy Bowl
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    Movie Night Gift Bowl Bundle

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      We've got the perfect treats for your next movie night! Our assortment includes 5 deliciously addicting snacks. Each popcorn and candy flavor comes in an individually wrapped bag inside our Movie Night Gift Bowl Bundle. Our reusable bowl has all the snacks you'll need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

      This Bundle Contains:
      (1) 2.5 oz. bag of Butter popcorn
      (1) 5 oz. bag of Orange Cheddar Cheese popcorn
      (1) 8 oz. bag of Caramel Corn popcorn
      (1) 18 oz. bag of Neon Sour Worms
      (1) 20 oz. bag of Gummy Bears
      (1) Reusable Bowl

      The dimensions of this bowl are 8.5" W x 6.5" H.

      For any questions on candy ingredient and nutritional information, please contact our Customer Service Team.

      Produced in a facility that also uses Milk, Eggs, Soy, Wheat, Peanuts and Tree Nuts.

      All popcorn is fresh and made to order. Popcorn and Candy Shelf Life can be found below.

      Butter: 2 Months
      Cheese Flavors: 3 Months
      Kettle Corn: 4 Months
      Caramel, Colored & Chocolate Flavors: 9 Months
      Gummy Candy: 12 Months
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